MSc in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov)

Designed together with the Office for National Statistics, our MSc in Online Data Analytics for Government is based on our successful online MSc programme in Data Analytics and will provide you with vital skills required to develop your modelling and data handling expertise. You will gain a firm grounding in the principles of learning from data sets, whilst at the same time getting hands-on experience handling, analysing and visualising data, helping your organisation to maximise the insights and value extracted from its data.

Online Learning

All courses ("modules") of the programme are delivered fully by online distance learning. For each course you will be given between 9 and 11 weeks of learning material consisting of

  • reading material
  • code
  • tutor-lead videos

You will be able to interact with tutors in regular live videoconferencing sessions and/or individual one-to-one sessions.

There will be regular formative and summative* assessments which will allow you to check your progress.
(* summative assessments are only available to learners taking courses as registered students)

Postgraduate Programmes in Data Analytics for Government

Employees of UK public bodies can take our postgraduate programmes in Data Analytics for Government at a reduced tuition fee.

Individual Courses

Employees of UK public bodies can also take individual courses without having to commit to completing an entire postgraduate qualification. Learners working for international organisations and governments outside the UK might also be able to register for individual courses. Please get in touch with us to inquire whether we can offer a place.

Information session

Please join us on Wednesday 7th of December at 17:30pm GMT for our live information session. Please register for this session via Eventbrite.