Fully funded Ph.D. position available within the School

Tuesday 16th December, 2014

Convergence, connectivity, and continuity - Topological perspectives for mining novel biological information from ‘omics data.

As part of the Lord Kelvin Adam Smith scheme, a fully-funded 4 year interdisciplinary PhD project is available under the supervision of Dr. Liam Watson (Mathematics) and Dr. Kathryn Elmer (Evolutionary Biology). The project, housed in Mathematics, will interact closely with biology, exploring molecular evolutionary patterns through topological methods in data analysis. More information can be found via the following link:


(see also: http://www.findaphd.com/search/ProjectDetails.aspx?PJID=59676&LID=2252 )

Closing date: Thursday 15th January 2015

Please contact Liam Watson and/or Kathryn Elmer directly for more information about this opportunity.