Tim Backstrom to represent the School at Sauder Summit Global Case Competition, Vancouver

Thursday 13th November, 2014

One of our 4th year pure mathematics students, Tim Backstrom, has been accepted to represent the University in the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition in Vancouver.

The Sauder Summit is a six-day case competition from the 7th to 13th March 2015 that puts students against each other and challenges them to solve real business situations. The competition takes place in Vancouver and has historically had competitors from six different continents. Through a series of case studies, describing these real business challenges, students in teams of four are judged on all aspects of the presentation such as content, delivery, and ability to handle questions. The competition is aimed at challenging the participants thinking in a real world business environment.

The team consists of four carefully selected undergraduates, of which three are in the Business School. More information about the competition can be found at http://saudersummit.ca

Congratulations and good luck to Tim and the team!