Our first US-UK Fulbright postgraduate, Sophie Huddart.

Monday 14th April, 2014

We are delighted to welcome our first US-UK Fulbright postgraduate student to study for the Masters in Biostatistics, Sophie Huddart.

Sophie is currently completing her Bachelor’s in Immunology and Infectious Disease at the Pennsylvania State University. During her studies, Sophie spent a year in Senegal focused on learning about international public health while avoiding large venomous snakes. She completed projects researching tick-borne illness and antibiotic resistance. At Penn State, her research has focused on host-parasite immunological interactions. Sophie plans to become an epidemiologist working on global health issues, so that with her Masters in Biostatistics, she hopes to not only gain the analytical skills essential to epidemiology but to learn about a new health culture and the unique health circumstances of Glasgow. 

Sophie explains: Why Glasgow?

I plan to pursue a career in epidemiology working on global health issues. Epidemiology in the international arena requires not only analytical skills but also the ability to adjust to and learn about many diverse cultural environments. Studying Biostatistics at the University of Glasgow will allow me to improve in both areas. In particular, I was drawn to this program not just because the calibre of the Mathematics and Statistics Department is exceptional but also because it is situated in such an interesting public health context. The unique health challenges facing Glasgow are complex but they are being remedied by Glaswegians themselves. The opportunity to be involved with researchers who are cultural experts on the populations they study is a rare one.

Outside academics, the friendliness and generosity of spirit of the Scottish is world-renowned. I am incredibly excited to start my studies in what sounds like such a wonderful and welcoming place.