Funded PhD opportunity in space weather monitoring

Thursday 18th October, 2012

A PhD opportunity for working on the statistical modelling and design of a sensor network for space weather monitoring is available as part of a new interdisciplinary project on space weather monitoring.

Space weather is the name given to electromagnetic disturbances in the solar system and the near-Earth environment. It can damage spacecraft and disrupt electrical power networks and GPS. The project offered will focus on developing statistical designs of a sensor network of small satellites moving through space, and measuring space weather conditions, including the magnetic field, semi-continuously.

The project is suitable for a student with a strong background in statistics or mathematics, and an interest in space science and data analysis. Candidates should have an excellent single or combined degree in mathematics, statistics or physics and have strong computational skills (for example, using the R language). Excellent written and oral communication skills, and strong time-management skills are also desirable.

The College of Science and Engineering at the University of Glasgow is investing in interdisciplinary research on sensors and sensor system. This exciting project will be co-supervised by academics from the Schools of Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistics, and Engineering.

The stipend is based on the UK Research Council rates and the studentship will be of 3.5 years duration.

For further information, please contact Dr. Peter Craigmile.