Science Slam Ghana

Monday 18th February, 2019

This event was organised by Femafricmaths, a non-governmental organisation in Ghana involved in the promotion of science and women in mathematics. Angela Tabiri, a PhD student within our School and an alumnus of AIMS Ghana, is the lead at Femafricmaths. She gave this report on the event:

"The maiden edition of Science Slam Ghana was hosted at the School of Engineering Sciences, University of Ghana on Saturday 16th February. The main objective of the event was to communicate science to the general public using layman terms. There were nine presentations by current and past students of AIMS Ghana. At the end of the presentations, the audience voted for the best three presentations, with cash prizes awarded to the winners.

Tickets for the event sold out in advance and it was well attended with no less than 81 guests! Our audience comprised of students of AIMS Ghana, students and staff of University of Ghana and the general public. The audience were thrilled with the presentations where the presenters used music, dance and drama to explain topics such as investment risks, tuberculosis, everyday mathematics and the dilemma of the wedding feast to mention a few.

A review of the event has been published on the website of Gh Scientific, a registered UK charity and non-governmental organisation in Ghana. The caption of this publication was “Breathtaking ScienceSlamGh comes off with a bang” which you can read by clicking here [external link]. Videos of each of the presentations have also been uploaded on the Femafricmaths YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Funding for the event came from AIMS Ghana and the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, to whom we are very grateful."