EPSRC Early Career Forum held in the School

Friday 30th March, 2018

The EPSRC early career forum took place in Glasgow, within the School of Mathematics & Statistics, on Tuesday 27th March.

The forum is a way for EPSRC to interact with researchers in the early stages of their career in order to share information on EPSRC policy and process. It is also an opportunity for early career researchers to network with colleagues from across the country, interact with senior academics that have a strong connection to EPSRC and to discuss future EPSRC strategy related to the Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Dimitra Kosta is the School’s representative on the EPSRC Early Career Forum in Mathematics. Among the things that were discussed at the forum in Glasgow were the peer review process, the role of the SAT, the role of UKRI-EPSRC council and a facilitated discussion on alternative sources of funding. The agenda and the accompanying documents will appear on the ECR wiki in due course.