Co.lab smart campus challenge

Thursday 23rd November, 2017

Postgrduate students Jamie Quinn and Kellan Steele took part in the co.lab Smart Campus Challenge where, as part of a six person team, they were tasked with coming up with an inventive new idea for solving a problem produced by the campus development and expansion. The event was held in the Kelvin Gallery on Friday 17th November. Jamie explains:

“We figured one of the biggest problems was simply the lack of raw data, along with good visualisation tools. At the celebration event on Friday 17th November, we presented some ideas for simple feedback systems, environmental sensor modules and machine learning based techniques for campus congestion management. Although our team didn't end up winning the final prize for our presentation, we had a tonne of fun collaborating with engineers and other scientists and playing with some neat electronics in the makerspace tent. Look out for the (more) permanent makerspace in the Library!"