Young Functional Analysts' Workshop (YFAW)

Thursday 13th April, 2017

The Young Functional Analysts' Workshop (YFAW) was held at the University of Glasgow from Wednesday 29th until Friday 31st March and was organised by some of the School's postgraduate students, namley Andrew Monk, Luke Hamblin and Samuel Evington. As well as receiving funding from the School, the workshop was supported by an LMS Postgraduate Research Conference grant (Scheme 8), the Edinburgh Mathematical Society Research Support Fund and the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust. Event organiser Andrew said:

"Around 30 students from across the UK attended the workshop, during which there were talks by five invited speakers and a number of students. A wide range of topics were covered including harmonic analysis, complex analysis, operator algebras, quantum groups, mathematical physics, Banach algebras, spectral theory and classical functional analysis. There was also a poster session (with pizza and wine!) which was well received by students and staff.

The poster session was organised by our first year students Dimitrios Gerontogiannis and Mustafa Ozkaraca - thanks to you both for taking on this challenge!

We would also like to thank Prof Stuart White for his support and guidance in organising this conference, Dr Joachim Zacharias for spending time reading our grant applications, and Mrs Chanel McIsaac and Mrs Sharon Mullen for helping us with lots of the administration behind the conference."