The Big Brew

Friday 7th April, 2017

Organised by postgraduate student Suzy Whoriskey, the School hosted a fund raising event on Friday 10th March for those affected by climate change in third world countries. The money was raised by staff and students in the School attending and donating to the “Big Brew”.

Suzy said: “All of the cakes, biscuits and tarts were delicious! A huge thank you to everyone who baked and bought, and those who donated. The final amount raised was £134.10! Superb amount for a lovely treat, coffee and a chat. A perfect end to the week, even if my dad is still furious with me for not bringing him some of the coffee and walnut cake – he doesn't believe the cakes disappeared so quickly!”

You can read more about Traidcraft, and the work they do, at their website: