MSci in Statistics with Work placement away day

Saturday 4th February, 2017

The third, fourth (students out on placement), fifth and some past graduates of the MSci with Work Placement degree held an away afternoon in a local Glasgow hotel on Wednesday 7th December, with Prof Marian Scott, Dr Claire Miller, Dr Duncan Lee and Dr Ludger Evers also attending. Marian said of the event:

“The programme included some small group coaching on preparing for interviews and knowing your own strengths and weaknesses led by Stephen Shilton of the Careers Service, while our guest speaker was Rob Huggins of MBNsolutions. Rob spoke to the students about the explosion of opportunities for Statistics graduates in the world of Data Science (Data Scientist: The Sexiest Jobs of the 21st Century), with a skill set including R programming, statistics (modelling and inference) and communication.

Of the “The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2016” (Linkedin): Statistical Analysis and Data Mining are number two. The students took this opportunity to network and share experiences of their work placements.”