Summer projects

Tuesday 11th October, 2016

There was a great deal of undergraduate research activity in the School this year, one of whom was funded by a College Scholarship, Lavina Bulai (Mike Whittaker). This also included four students, Aleksandra Boicuka (Ludger Evers), Sebastiano Cultrera di Montesano (Andrew Wilson), Ionut Paun (Chris Athorne) and Theodora Torcea (Luigi Vergori), funded by LMS undergraduate bursaries. Further funding came from Carnegie for Oliver Allen (Peter Stewart), the EPSRC for Matthew Robertson (Marian Scott, Claire Miller and Ruth O’Donnell), and one student was also funded by NERC IAPETUS Doctoral training programme, Anna Sehn (Marian Scott). In addition, three students received Erasmus funding to do summer projects overseas. They were Catriona Wedderburn and Blake Sims, who visited Bremen University in Germany, and Adeline Childs who visited the University of Calabria in Italy. A further two students, Rachael Nicol and Miya Pniel, participated in unfunded summer research projects. Both students were supervised by Andy Baker.

Six of those students gave short talks about their projects at an event on 28th July.