Benn Macdonald to receive Biometrika Trust fellowship

Friday 10th June, 2016

The Biometrika Trust is awarding one fellowship for a junior researcher in statistical theory and methodology each year. It is aimed at the most outstanding PhD graduates who are capable of self-direction. The call is open to applicants worldwide, so competition is particularly stiff.

This year, the Biometrika fellowship has been awarded to the School's own Benn Macdonald. Benn said:

"The Fellowship allows me to be based anywhere in the UK and I had to outline the host and justify the reason behind choosing it. I chose the University of Glasgow and specifically I stated I wish to collaborate with the newly established SofTMech Centre (EPSRC funded centre for multi-scale soft tissue mechanics) that has been created in order to develop a range of novel multi-scale mathematical models and statistical inference techniques applicable to heart diseases and cancer.

I proposed my own research project, which in a nutshell, aims to develop gradient matching methods for statistical inference and model selection using partial differential equations. The equations, which describe the heart and cancer, as well as the data collected, will be available from SofTMech.”

Very well done, Benn.