First Minister visits UofG

Wednesday 8th June, 2016

On the morning of Friday 3rd June 2016 the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, and the Minister for Transport and the Islands, Humza Yousaf, visited their Alma Mater.

During the visit the First Minister discussed the benefits of EU membership and met students from the EU or who have been on study abroad programmes within Europe, in order to get an idea of how important EU membership is for University life.

The First Minister was very keen to network with the University of Glasgow professors and research students in order to listen to their opinions and experiences regarding this topic.

Postgraduate students from the School, Irene Marinas and Umberto Noe, attended the event.

“We discussed the importance of Erasmus exchanges and the Double-degree agreement with the University of Bologna.” says Umberto. “The Principal, just back from Brussels for the launch of the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, stressed the importance of the double-degree agreement especially due to this new alliance between the universities of Bologna, Glasgow, Göttingen, Groningen, Krakow (Jagiellonian) Oslo, Tübingen, Uppsala, and Warwick.”

You can read more about the agreement here.