Talking Numbers – MACSOC

Saturday 2nd April, 2016

On 3rd March, MacSoc held an evening of talks in the Common Room of the Mathematics Building. The talks were given by members of the faculty, speaking about their field and their research. There were six speakers; Prof Tara Brendle, Dr Vaibhav Gadre, Prof Marian Scott, Dr Peter Stewart, Prof Ian Strachan and PhD student Guowen Huang. One of the organisers, Scott Dallas, said of the event:

“The talks were great and the event ran really smoothly. The feedback collected from attendees was very positive; they really enjoyed the diverse amount of mathematical and statistical content.

MacSoc would like to give a big thank you to all of the speakers who volunteered their time to take part and also to Dr Stephen Watson for his support. The hope is for us to continue facilitating events like this in the years to come.”