Enlightener prize

Wednesday 20th January, 2016

The book "Mathematical Component", of which the School’s own Dr Misha Feigin is a co-author, was recently awarded the "Enlightener prize" in December 2015.

The book describes and demonstrates various manifestations and use of mathematics in the outside world. The discussed fascinating applications of mathematics include integral features of modern society such as internet and satellite navigation. Misha contributed the article on sound waves propagation. The book is aimed at general audience and although it is written in simple terms, the material is partly research informed. One of the aims of the book is to popularise mathematics for the younger generation.

The Enlightener prize was established in 2008 and it is awarded annually for non-fiction literature published in Russian. There are two separate competitions for humanities and for the natural and exact sciences popular literature. “Mathematical component” was awarded the prize in the latter category. English translation of the book is planned.

Congratulations Misha!