University Challenge - Glasgow team

Friday 9th October, 2015

Dr Andy Baker’s summer project student and current mathematics undergraduate student Vitalijs Brejevs appeared on University Challenge. Vitalijs, from Riga, Latvia, has been quizzing competitively for some time, but this was his first experience doing so in English. There's also another Maths student on the team, Oliver Allen, who'll be starting his 3rd year. The team captain, Eihblin McMenamin, is doing Geography and is on an exchange program in New Zealand for the next year, and the fourth team member, Andrew Davidson is studying Medicine.

Individually, they have been selected to represent the university based on written test scores and then an interview. Then they completed another written test as a team and were invited for a final selection test/interview in Edinburgh (about 130 other teams made it to this stage). Finally, 28 teams made it to the televised stage of the competition.

You can see the outcome for yourself via the following link: