Dr Peter Stewart - SET for Britain 2015

Wednesday 8th April, 2015

Dr Peter Stewart attended the SET for BRITAIN 2015 event, held at Westminster (Portcullis House) on Monday 9th March 2015. The event comprised a poster presentation by 90 early career Mathematicians and Engineers, which were judged by a panel of experts. The event was attended by a large number of current MPs including the Chairman, Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, Andrew Miller MP. Peter had opportunity to discuss his research with several MPs, including the local constituency MP for the University area, Ann McKechin MP, and he was able to highlight the exciting research being conducted across the University of Glasgow, but especially in Mathematics and Statistics.

The Mathematics Medal was won by Dr Peter Buchak (Imperial College London), with a poster entitled `Lighting the path: The mathematics of Imaginary numbers in very real problems of holey optical fibre fabrication'. The overall competition was won by Mr Robert Woodward (Physics, Imperial College London) with a poster entitled `Exploiting nanomaterials for ultrafast photonics'.

Overall, Peter thoroughly enjoyed participating in the SET for Britain event and made several new contacts amongst those in attendance.