4th year student attends "Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today 2015" and scoops up prize for "best talk"

Wednesday 8th April, 2015

Eamon Quinlan, a fourth year undergraduate studying mathematics, was selected to give a talk at the Tomorrow's Mathematicians Today 2015 conference, in York.  At the conference, undergraduate students talk about either research they have been involved with or something they find interesting. Eamon participated in last year's edition by preparing a talk on Representation Theory but this year decided to join and give a talk on the work he carried out over his summer at Indiana University, Bloomington, under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Connell. Talking about his own research made Eamon eligible to opt into the prize for “best talk” which he then went on to win. Eamon said:

“About a week before the conference Prof. Connell and I found a mistake in our proof, so the first thing I had to say in my talk was that there was a mistake and show what we were working on in order to fix it. It was a great surprise to be selected for the prize of best talk even after announcing my mistake in the proof. Overall, the conference was very well organized and I had a great time. I would encourage any keen students to attend next year's edition.”‌