International Students

Visa Registration

Three students walking in Kelvingrove Park with the University in the background

If you are an international student you will need to register your visa with the University before you can be fully registered.

International Student Support is a dedicated team of advisors who are available for all international students through your student journey here at Glasgow. From Visas and Immigration to Welcome and Orientation events and wellbeing advice. They offer a wide and immersive service to ensure that you have an excellent student experience. 

Students Holding a Student Visa / Tier 4 Visa

New students will be asked to attend central check-in during September and then again in January as well as undertaking further school checks relating to course attendance.

The School Visa Team will contact you at the start of each semester to remind you of your responsibilities.

School information will be available on the School Moodle Hub once you have completed registration and enrolment.

Further Information

Further information is available on the Registry Check-in page.