Advisory Service


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In the School of Life Sciences, we appoint an Adviser of Studies for every undergraduate student. Wherever possible a close match is made between the adviser and your area of study.

We hope that you will find this close contact with a member of the teaching staff helpful, and that you will use the Advisory Service constructively and benefit from the service.

Adviser Meetings

It is important to build a relationship with your Adviser of Studies as they will be your first point of contact for references for part-time employment/letters for landlords as well as your final employment reference when you graduate.

Your Adviser will discuss your courses, making sure they are sensible and meet the requirements of your plan and degree regulations.

They are also available to discuss more personal matters and can be consulted about any issue regarding your transition to life at University.

You should feel free to consult as questions or problems arise - delay can often allow a simple concern to become more complex. So don’t hesitate before asking for help.

Scheduled Meeting Dates

Your introductory meeting must take place before 1 October 2021.

An opportunity to discuss progress to date in light of December exam results.

Late April: 
At this meeting, you will discuss your possible curriculum for the next session.

Contacting Your Adviser

Your Adviser may contact you to arrange your meeting, but, if not, you should contact them.

Details of your Adviser of Studies, their name and contact details, can be found on your MyGlasgow homepage.

When emailing your adviser of studies for an appointment, please suggest a few dates and times you are available as their diaries are normally busy. You must always notify your adviser if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment.

Please note meetings may be conducted via Zoom.

Advisory Service Contact Details

Advisory Service
School of Life Sciences
Room 354, Sir James Black Building

Tel: 0141 330 3994