Welcome to the School of Life Sciences!

Congratulations on achieving your place at the University of Glasgow. Whether you are joining us as a new first-year student or coming directly into the second year, we look forward to welcoming you to the School of Life Sciences. 

We hope you find the following information useful and that it helps answer some of the questions you may have, however, if you need to, you can also contact the School Admin Team at 

To undertake your study at the University of Glasgow you have to complete both Registration and Enrolment.

Glossary of terms used in these pages

The following pages include some terms which may need further explanation: 

AAN: Your Account Access Notification (email), which will be sent to you and provide full details of how to log into MyCampus.

Campus Cards: Your Campus Card grants you access to University facilities such as the library and sports facilities and will entitle you to student discounts in a wide variety of shops, bars, cinemas and online. Campus Card Collection

MyCampus: MyCampus is our comprehensive student information system, providing a single portal through which students can manage their applications, payments, registration, enrolment and timetables.

Programme & Plan: Specifies the College or School you are a member of, award and area of study the student is pursuing e.g. Bachelor of Science(LS), Immunology, BSc (LS).

Registration: Registration is the online process of registering academically and financially with the University. You must complete both via MyCampus before you start each year of your programme.

Registry: The Registry is a service within the University that provides support in many areas including Absence, Finance, Tuition, Withdrawal, Examinations, Graduation and Visas.