Natalie: Working at Scottish Natural Heritage

 I carried out a work placement at Scottish Natural Heritage. I worked on many tasks including an update of the Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code legislation and a series of literature reviews focused on the anthropogenic effects on marine mega-fauna.

Foremostly, I carried out a research project which used remote automated photography to monitor guillemots and razorbills on Shetland and Orkney.


Kelsey: Studying Zoology

My name is Kelsey and I completed an MSci Work Placement in Zoology with the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

This experience was incredibly diverse and involved field work throughout many beautiful parts of Scotland in addition to laboratory work at Edinburgh Zoo.

It allowed me to gain a more in-depth insight into practical, zoological conservationas well as some excellent contacts and experience – all of which eventually resulted in me working in Thailand!

An invaluable and unforgettable year which I would highly recommend.