Cochno Community Garden

The University-owned Cochno Farm estate encompasses 850 acres of pasture and woodland situated 6 miles from Glasgow city centre and served by regular buses and easy access by road.

The farm facility plays a key role in the delivery of core teaching and research activities of the School of Veterinary Medicine and affiliated Research Institutes of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences. The proposed site of the community garden, agreed with the research director Peter Hastie, is approximately two acres of south-facing, well-drained land with good road access situated well way from the workings of the farm itself (livestock, dairy etc).

Animal Biology Cochno Garden

Animal Biology Cochno Gardeb

Animal Biology Cochno Garden

What is a community garden?

A community garden can achieve many things: somewhere to grow fruit and vegetables; a place for outdoor play; a source of understanding of nature and the natural environment. Fundamentally, the purpose of a community garden is to foster education, community and social cohesion in the outdoors in an atmosphere of rewarding common endeavor.

Education & Research

Cochno is home to a plethora of ongoing research and educational projects. The community garden, and the small greenhouses/polytunnels it will eventually contain are the potential site of graduate and undergraduate research projects. 

Organisational Structure

Dr. Martin Llewellyn (SLS/IBAHCM) is overseeing the establishment of the garden. An organisational committee will eventually be set up. We do not envisage this garden as a collection of allotments, our aim is to run it as a shared space for growing and fun.


The Rationale

The SLS & IBACHM SVM are home to a thriving community of research, teaching and administrative staff, post-graduate researchers, graduate and undergraduate students. The environment of these organizations is substantially enriched by social interactions between staff and between staff and students, as well as between their families – many of whom come from all over UK and the world to come and work and live in Glasgow.

We are proposing to create a recreational space where staff, students and their families can interact outside the work place and produce delicious, healthy home-grown vegetables in the process. Time spent working on the garden would be outside office hours e.g. evening, holidays and weekends.