Career Case Studies

 If our Animal Biology degrees have grabbed your attention, you might like to hear about what our graduates are doing now. Look at our Careers Poster or read the case studies below for our students' experiences.

Alexis: Working for BBC Scotland Science

I am Alexis and my fascination for the natural world and love of adventure lead me to study Zoology at the University of Glasgow, with the aim of working in wildlife documentary filmmaking. My enthusiasm was fed through expeditions to the Amazon rainforest and the Red Sea in Egypt, where my passion for field research grew.

After graduation, I got my first job as the Lead Scientist for the Western Australian Marine Science Institution's humpback whale research project - a dream job! I worked on my media experience during this time, creating blogs to document it. This work helped me get my first job as a Junior Researcher for BBC Scotland Science, where I still work and am on route to becoming a Director for science and nature documentaries.

Suzanne: Working as a Principal Consultant

Suzanne is a Principal Consultant at The Biodiversity Consultancy (TBC). TBC is a specialist consultancy providing technical and policy expertise in biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES). TBC works across sectors, developing practical approaches to understanding and managing BES risk. They bring state-of-the-art knowledge and experience to help their clients meet emerging challenges and establish leading environmental performance.


Kevin: Working as an Assistant Professor

 Kevin W. Conway graduated with a B.Sc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Glasgow and went on to completed a M.Sc in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity at Imperial College and the Natural History Museum (with sponsorship from NERC). Kevin moved to St. Louis (Missouri, USA) to start a Ph.D. in the Department of Biology at Saint Louis University. His Ph.D. research focused on the taxonomy and evolutionary relationships of the Asian torrent minnow genus Psilorhynchus, resulting in the description of 11 new species from Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Since 2010, Kevin has worked as an Assistant Professor of Ichthyology and Curator of Fishes in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences and Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections at Texas A&M University (USA). His research interests are focused on the taxonomy, evolutionary relationships and anatomy of bony fishes, which have taken him to over 30 countries to date.