Moray: Studying in the USA

Student swimming in a lake while studying abroad

Hi! I’m Moray. I studied Marine and Freshwater Biology, and for my Third Year I studued abroad at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

I had an amazing time in my first two years at the University of Glasgow and it was hard to say goodbye, but the opportunity to live in a continent I’d never been to and apply the things I’d learned about myself in Glasgow was too good to pass up.

My year abroad a real success and I consider joining the university radio station - Radio K - as the biggest factor in that.

As well as meeting tons of exciting, outgoing people who became my best friends, working at the radio station gave me free access to gigs all around the twin cities, which have produced artists such as Prince and Lizzo.Studying abroad made me realise how much of my life is in my own hands and life is what you make of it."

I was also lucky enough to find a big, off-campus house full of American students to move in with, and this not only provided an authentic experience but also a whole community to return to whenever I revisit the Twin Cities.

I was also fortunate enough to travel all over America, from spending an authentic thanksgiving with my friend’s family in Chicago and spring break in Miami and Colorado to summer hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Road-trips and cheap flights make traveling around North America easy.

Although often overlooked, studying at another university was also an important experience. I personally thrived under continuous assessment compared to exams and this has had an impact on what I’m looking for in masters.

Studying abroad made me realise how much of my life is in my own hands and life is what you make of it - I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity.

- Moray Swanson (2020)


Moray Swanson in front of St Paul carnival snow sculpture

Student Moray Swanson standing in an ice blue lake below snowcapped mountain

Student Moray Swanson standing in front of US flag