Readmission Application

Readmission into Life Sciences

*Applications are now open and normally close the first week in June*

If you have been away from the University and you want to be readmitted to a degree programme within the School of Life Sciences you must complete the above application.

You will not be considered for readmission if you have been excluded by the Science Progress Committee.

If you withdrew from your studies on medical grounds you will be required to provide evidence that you are now fit to return to study by either submitting a doctor's letter or other appropriate evidence.

You will receive notification of the outcome of your application via email.

Application for Readmission into Life Sciences

Transfer Into Life Sciences

Transfer Into Life Sciences

*The application process is now open and normally closes at the end of July*

This application form is intended for use by registered students wishing to transfer to a degree programme within the School of Life Sciences from another College within the University of Glasgow. However if you have completed or intend to complete the Level-3 entry web form you do not need to complete a separate application for transfer.

Your application will be acknowledged by email on receipt.

The application will be considered by the Chief Adviser for Life Sciences after all exam results are available.

You will be contacted with the outcome, via email, prior to the start of session and no earlier than the end of July.

Any student wishing to transfer into the School of Life Sciences must meet the following criteria after the May exam diet:

  • You must meet the normal entry requirements for the stage being transferred into
  • You must meet the University progress requirements for the current session
  • You must achieve at least a D3 in the primary subject(s) of your current Plan

You must also be able to complete your degree programme within 6 sessions from first registering at this University (6 years).

Application to Transfer into Life Sciences