Research Interests

Research Interests

Malcolm Kennedy
Professor of Natural History

Contact details:
Room 322, Graham Kerr Building
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ

Tel.: 0141 330 4279/5819
Fax: 0141 330 5971

I have many research interests, the links between which are sometimes tenuous, or even not there at all. Here is a list with links to descriptions of the projects we currently have underway. Hopefully the list does not go out of date too quickly since I cannot predict what I'll get interested in next . . . .

My heroes - Vera Rubin, Susan Lee Linquist, Lise Meitner, Maria Merian, Hertha Ayrton, Mary Somerville, Galileo Galilei,  Helena Kennedy, Fred Hoyle, Alfred Russel Wallace.

Other interests - whatever comes along....

Favourite and important websites
One of the research projects I am in the process of developing concerns the evolution of milks in mammals. This website ( concerns the survival of human infants that are endangered by not being provided with the best source of nutrition and protection against infection that it affords, as detailed in some of my lectures.

This next website ( is for when you have read the above and followed the various links.