Let's Talk About [X] 2018

Issued: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:01:00 GMT

LTAX18 video

Three fourth year students from the School of Life Sciences recently took part in Let's Talk About [X] 2018, the University of Glasgow's annual undergraduate research conference.

This year’s conference was originally scheduled for 27 & 28 February, with the second day of the conference rescheduled to Tuesday 13 March due to the wintry weather.

The event welcomed 24 speakers across two afternoons, including SoLS students Maria Marinova, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Erika Trabold, Biochemistry and Eva Szilagyi, Neuroscience (click links on each presenter’s name to jump to their abstracts and bios).

Erika and Maria feature alongside organisers Dr Andrew Struan and Dr Scott Ramsay in The GIST’s podcast on the event.


[X]position, the online written companion to Let's Talk About [X], is a peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates to showcase their research to a multi-disciplinary audience and become a published author.

Applications are open until Friday 13 April