Histology Laboratory

Images of type of histology

We have two Histology-related laboratories in the Anatomy Facility, which host equipment and facilities for the fixation, processing, cutting and staining of tissues.

We offer the following equipment and facilities:

  • Automatic tissue processor
  • Wax embedding station
  • Four rotary microtomes for wax sectioning
  • Sledge microtome for larger blocks
  • Cryostat for frozen sectioning
  • Vibratome
  • Ultramicrotome
  • Staining bench with full range of routine histological stains
  • Specialised histological staining
  • Dedicated Immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence staining area and equipment
  • Photomicroscopes with digital imaging for fluorescence and bright field microscopy 


The labs are available for external users as well as UofG students and researchers. Please contact Mr David Russell for further information.