How do I donate?

Please contact the Anatomy Facility and we will send you out an information pack. Alternatively, you can download our Body Donation Information Pack

It is not possible to donate your body unless you have either completed a Declaration of Bequest or via a statement of intent in an official, testified will lodged with a solicitor.  

It is important that you provide informed consent. It is not possible for someone else, for example, a Power of Attorney to do so on your behalf.

If, after careful consideration, you decide to proceed, three copies of the Declaration of Bequest must be signed by yourself and by a witness:

  • Keep one copy for your personal records
  • Give one copy to your lawyer or next of kin
  • Return one copy to the Anatomy Bequest Coordinator

We strongly recommend that you discuss this matter with your next of kin/executor. Without the cooperation of your next of kin, it may not be possible to proceed with the donation process.

What happens if the University accepts my body?

If the University is able to accept your body, and the Death Certificate has been signed by the attending doctor, we will arrange for our contracted Funeral Director to bring your body to the University. However, if the death occurs outwith the University’s catchment area of 50 miles, the next of kin/executor must arrange for the transportation of your body, with the additional cost incurred by your personal estate. 

The next of kin/executor must register the death in the normal way and supply the Anatomy Secretary with the Form 14 and a copy of the extract of an entry in a REGISTER of DEATHS which details the full cause of death.

The next of kin/executor must also agree to complete essential paperwork i.e. Glasgow District Council Cremation Form and The Anatomy Act Next of Kin Form.

All paperwork must be completed and returned within seven days.