Research in private law

Private law is dynamic area of research within the School. Here researchers approach the subject from many different methodological standpoints, including doctrinal, comparative, theoretical and historical. The methodological diversity of our researchers means different perspectives on private law are investigated, explored and examined within a vibrant research environment.

Many of the School’s researchers are involved in advising on policy and guiding the development of private law in Scotland. Several researchers are actively involved in comparative research of different legal systems around Europe or the World and by doing so bring new insights into the role, use and nature of private law. Numerous researchers within the School take an interdisciplinary approach exploring new connections between history, philosophy, politics, theology and private law.

From research to teaching, private law is a key part of the School’s contribution to Glasgow, Scotland and the international community more generally. There is a long history of private law scholarship in Glasgow, dating back to the very origins of the University in 1451. From religious reformations to constitutional referendums, the teaching and study of private law within the University of Glasgow has always pursued the very highest standards of excellence and continues to do so today.