Lina Girdvainyte, B.A., M.A.

Lina Girdvainyte is a D.Phil. candidate in Ancient History at the University of Oxford. Her thesis, supervised by Dr Georgy Kantor, focuses on the legal history of mainland Greece under Rome, from the points of view of administration of justice, citizenship, and substantive law. Through close investigation of largely documentary sources, Lina's research looks into the legal practice on the ground, the main patterns of legal behaviour, and the experience of law by the provincials of different juridical statuses, and argues for the vitality of local legal frameworks under Rome, as well as the continuous importance of the Greek civic affiliations in defining local legal identities. Before coming to Oxford, Lina completed her BA in Classical languages in Vilnius, Lithuania, and her MA by research in Classics and Ancient Civilizations in Leiden, The Netherlands. During her time in Glasgow, Lina hopes to prepare a new publication.