Allan McKenna M.Sc., M.A.

Allan McKenna is PhD student under the supervision of Professor Andreas Rahmatian and Dr Dot Reid. He is writing on James Wilson’s Lectures on Law. James Wilson, a Scot, emigrated to the British colony of Pennsylvania in 1765; an eminent judge and jurist, his Lectures on Law (1790-91) reveals the enduring influence of Scottish philosophers such as Thomas Reid, Francis Hutcheson, and Henry Home, Lord Kames.

Prior to joining the School of Law for his PhD, Allan McKenna taught for CIEE and ECES study-abroad programs at Charles University in Prague. He holds an M.Sc. in Philosophy of Mental Disorders from King’s College, London and M.A. in Philosophy (Social Sciences) from the University of Glasgow. He is supported by a College of Social Sciences Scholarship.

Academic Conference Presentations

British Psychological Society Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section, Oxford 11/9/09: Reconceiving Delusion (talk)

International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry Annual Conference, Lisbon 13/10/09: Reconceiving Delusion (talk)

Philosophy and Psychiatry: the Next Hundred Years. Making Change Happen. St. Catherine`s College, Oxford 26/07/13 (poster)

Teaching Workshops

Active-learning teacher’s workshop. C.I.E.E. May 23rd-24th, 2016

Designing and Using Presentations in the Classroom. British Council. May 19th, 2017