Study Competition Law

The competition law team teaches competition law at undergraduate level, contributing to the undergraduate course in EU law as well as running an Honours course in EU and UK Competition Law.  

The team also runs a dedicated LLM programme in International Competition Law and Policy, which primarily covers EU competition law and US antitrust law. Below you can read some testimonials from past competition law students. 

Bernardo Maya Arroyo

I obtained a degree for LL.M. in International Competition Law and Policy at the University of Glasgow (2017-208). Pursuing this degree was an excellent decision, and I would strongly recommend it for law students and practitioners who want to pursue a career in the field of competition law.  

The courses were conducted by high-quality professors, who were always approachable for questions and debates.  The topics addressed during those courses provided me with a complete understanding of the subject, considering Competition Law's substantive and procedural dimensions. Furthermore, the professors addressed their subjects regarding the main aspects from multiple jurisdictions (especially from the European Union and the United States, but also from China and the United Kingdom).  In addition to that, the University of Glasgow has a complete library, which is very useful for learning and research.  Besides, I had the opportunity to share ideas with classmates from multiple backgrounds and with different perspectives. 

The knowledge acquired during the program and reputation from this University was fundamental for my appointment as a National Director of Abuse of Dominance Investigations at my National Competition Authority in Ecuador and my private practice.  

Studying at the University of Glasgow not only contributed to my academic and professional growth, but I also had an excellent time. The University of Glasgow has plenty of clubs and facilities that will provide you with the opportunity to network, make new friends and enjoy your life.  Finally, Glasgow is a beautiful place to live where I always felt welcome by local people and the international community.   

~ Bernardo Maya Arroyo

Claire-Emeline Auduc

Studying within the International Competition Law LL.M allowed me to gain a broad vision of competition law traditional and current matters, and provided me with strong insights into antitrust academia.  

UofG is a warm environment to study in and I am as grateful for the exhaustive content of the course and the passionate lecturers as I am for the friends I made during the LL.M. The program has been a landmark step in my career as well as personal life.

~ Claire-Emeline Auduc

Lina Hamidou

Studying at the University of Glasgow has been one of the best experiences I have had. From an academic standpoint, the International Competition Law and Policy LL.M. has endowed me with a specific and extensive knowledge of the law, but also with invaluable skills that will last me a lifetime and set out solid foundations for a career in competition law. The intellectually stimulating curriculum is taught by a fantastic team of lecturers who are eager to provide guidance and support whenever needed. I also truly benefited from an international environment, from which I take away exciting discussions and friends for life!

~ Lina Hamidou


Lisa-Katharina Paul

I chose to pursue the LLM in International Competition Law and Policy because I was interested in the interplay of law, economics and policy. The programme
exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The classes were well prepared and even though being held online, the lecturers succeeded in creating a “class
atmosphere” enabling the students to really understand and discuss the matters taught and reflect critically on International Competition (and policy) issues. My
personal highlight was the lecture “Advanced Competition Law” debating current issues such as the interaction between Competition Law and Corporate
Governance, IP, the Digital Economy or Crisis Cartels. I enjoyed this LLM programme a lot and would definitely recommend it.

~ Lisa-Katharina Paul

Michael Wittlinger

Initially, I chose the University of Glasgow's International Competition Law and Policy LLM for its standalone comparative approach of EU, US and partly Chinese competition law. I encountered a highly motivated, dedicated and helpful teaching staff that engages with the students and organizes regular events with external speakers. The programme is intellectually stimulating and allows to reach a deeper understanding of the law, its foundations and legal challenges beyond the wording of the law.

~ Michael Wittlinger