PhD students

The competition law supervises promising PhD students with research projects fitting within the overall research interests of the team. We have a track record of PhD candidates completing excellent doctorates (see a selection of past students below). We are currently supervising a few talented researchers (see present students below).  

Current PhD candidates

  • Yingying [Jessie] Zhu, ‘A critical analysis of the application of merger control in China and in the European Union to big data’
  • Wenyu Zhou – ‘Abuse of dominance by online platforms in China and EU’  
  • Cansin Karga, 'Analysis of the Relation Between Patent Holdup and Standard Setting Organisations’ IPR Policies
  • Marcos Araujo Boyd, ‘The Notion of Undertaking in European Competition Law’ 

Past PhD candidates

  • Dr Barbora Jedlickova, now senior lecturer in law at the TC Bierne School of Law, University of Queensland. Dr Jedlickova's thesis was a re-examination of the law of vertical restraints, and was subsequently revised into a book: Resale Price Maintenance and Vertical Territorial Restrictions: Theory and Practice in EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law (Edward Elgar, 2016) 
  • Dr Yo Sop Choi, now Associate Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, in Korea, and publishes extensively in the area of competition law. His thesis dealt with Korean competition law and vertical restraints and was completed in 2009 
  • Dr Ioannis Apostolakis is a Senior Adviser with CPA Law in Greece, where he focuses on competition and state aid law. His thesis examined resale price maintenance in EU competition law, and was completed in 2016 
  • Dr Ploykaew Porananond is the Director of the Center of ASEAN Transnational Studies at the Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University. Her thesis investigating competition law in the ASEAN countries was completed in 2016, and formed the basis for her book, Competition Law in the ASEAN Countries (Wolters Kluwer, 2018)