Michael Briggs



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The Implications of Brexit on UK Employment Law


Professor Jane Mair

Michael began work on his LLM research part time in October 2016. He has undergraduate degrees in Economics (University of Stirling, 2006) and Law (University of Strathclyde 2011). Michael works full time in private practice as solicitor specialising in Employment Law and Regulatory Defence in Thompsons’ Employment Department. He qualified as a solicitor in November 2014.

Michael’s research will focus on the potential Brexit has to impact the future direction of the TUPE regulations in the UK. This will be analysed in the context of declining Trade Union influence in the workplace and technological challenges to the traditional employment relationship.

I am seeking to combine the practical knowledge and experience I have obtained through my professional practice with my academic background in both labour market economics and employment law, to provide research that has relevance to both academics and practitioners.

My key interest is in fitting employment law into its proper social, technological, politician and economic context, and asking what will come next: British entry into the EU helped redefine the employment relationship right at a time when the global economic milieu was dragging it away from a collectivised to a legalised system; British exit from the EU again help re-redefine this relationship at a time when smart phone technology and the rise of the gig economy are challenging the delicate equilibrium.

Service Provision Change: an Update, Employment L.B., 2016, 136, 5-7

Member of the Law Society of Scotland

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