Nantina Tsekeri

PhD Topic

The application of the best interest of the child principle in the refugee status determination process. The case of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in the UK and Greece.


Professor Robin Geiss
Ms Sarah Craig




Nantina is currently pursuing her PhD at University of Glasgow School of Law on the topic of the application of the best interest of the child principle in the refugee status determination process. Her research particularly focuses on how decision makers have applied this principle when deciding cases that involve refugee protection claims lodged by unaccompanied children in UK and Greece

She received her L.L.M. in 2013 in International Human Rights and Criminal Justice from Utrecht University, Netherlands. During her LLM studies, she was selected by Utrecht University School of Law to join a research team that provided legal research assistance to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. She was graded with distinction for her performance on this programme.

Professionally and alongside her PhD, Nantina is a certified Attorney at Law by Athens Law Bar Association. In the past, she worked as a UNHCR indicated ‘Refugee Status Determination’ decision maker to the greek Asylum Appeals Authority. Before that, she was the Coordinator of Children’s Rights Team and Policy Team in Amnesty International-Greek Section. She also served as General Secretary of the ‘Hellenic Action for Human Rights’ Organisation, where she provided legal assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable groups of the population. Additionally, for the past five years, Nantina has been exploring human rights related issues as an international practitioner of the Theatre of the Oppressed and founding member of the Activist Theatre of the Oppressed Team in Greece.

  • International Human Rights Law
  • Refugee Law
  • Children’s Rights Law
  • Asylum and Immigration Law

Former Child Soldiers seek asylum: The commission  of  crimes as the key factor in the granting of  the refugee status, VOLUME 2  ISSUE 1 MARCH 2015, Human Rights Law Working Group News of  the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Law Working Group

PhD Scholar of the Aristotle Onassis Institute