Kamila Feddek




PhD Topic

Protection of the right to free movement of persons and social security in the European Union: law and practice


Ms Maria Fletcher
Ms Sarah Craig




Kamila is a PhD candidate in Law, with interest in the areas of migrants' rights and social security: particularly EU welfare rights, refugee rights, asylum seekers,  and general welfare rights for ethnic minorities. She is involved in several  projects in these areas; especially projects that help to improve access to social security for people at risk of social exclusion, access to housing, equality and human rights.

In addition to her PhD study, Kamila is also a welfare rights adviser, and has worked in this area for several years, giving professional advise to individuals from varied backgrounds on all aspects of  social security, social welfare, housing, European and immigration law.
The title of Kamila's PhD project is "The Protection of the right to free movement and social security in the EU: law and practice". She aims to assess how the European social security law is being implemented by the UK, and what impact(s) the restrictions imposed on EU nationals exercising free movement rights are having on these citizens. Particular emphasis of Kamila's thesis is placed on citizens from Member States which joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 .

Kamila holds a Master degree in International Relations and European Studies and she is fluent in a few other European languages.



Research Interests

  • European law/ international law
  • social security  
  • housing law
  • human rights and equality law


Conference papers

“Subsidiarity and social security”, Legal Doctorate  Colloquium, University of Antwerp , Belgium, 2011.

“Welfare and economization”, GRAMNet Colloquium, University of Glasgow, 2012