Asli Ozcelik Olcay


  • Room 520, Stair Building
PhD Title

The role of international law in the negotiation of peace agreements


Professor Robin Geiss 
Professor Nils Melzer



Asli is pursuing a PhD on the role of international law in peace negotiations. She also teaches international law in the Law School and works as a research assistant to Professor Robin Geiss. 

She holds an LLB degree from Bilkent University (2011) during which she spent a semester at KU Leuven. Upon graduation, she assisted with research projects in the areas of criminal law and comparative constitutional law. Before starting her PhD, she obtained an LLM in International Law from Newnham College, University of Cambridge (2014), supported by an EU Jean Monnet Scholarship.

Asli was a Visiting Researcher at the European University Institute in Winter 2017. She is also a Reporter for Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law and a Steering Committee Member of the Glasgow Human Rights Network.

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Research Interests

Asli’s research at Glasgow explores the role of international law in the negotiation of peace agreements in internal armed conflict settings. She examines the legal status of peace agreements, as well as the impact of international law on the process and substance of peace negotiations. 

More broadly, she researches in the areas of public international law, international human rights law, the use of force, transitional justice and post-conflict constitution-making.



Postgraduate (LLM)

International Law and International Security (Lecturer, 2016-2018)
The Law of Armed Conflict (Lecturer, 2017-2018)


Public International Law (Lecturer & Tutor, 2015-2016)


Book Reviews

Review of Philipp Kastner, Legal Normativity in the Resolution of Internal Armed Conflict (CUP 2015) 2017 Melbourne Journal of International Law 18(1), pp 105-109.


Case Notes in Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law

Murśić v. Crotia, IHRL Case ID 4005 (ECHR 2016), 20 October 2016 [Forthcoming]

Vukota-Bojić v. Switzerland, IHRL Case ID 4006 (ECHR 2016), 18 October 2016 [Forthcoming]

Wenner v. Germany, IHRL Case ID 3985 (ECHR 2016), 1 September 2016

Szafrański v. Poland, IHRL Case ID 4002 (ECHR 2015), 15 December 2015


Conference Papers

“(Un)constitutional change rooted in peace agreements”, ICON-S Annual Conference: Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenges for Public Law, The University of Hong Kong, 25-27 June 2018

“The role of international law in peace negotiations: Certainty, legitimacy, malleability?”, ESIL 2018 Research Forum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 28 February – 2 March 2018

“Judicialised peacemaking: The role of courts during peace negotiations”, ICON-S Annual Conference: Courts, Power, Public Law, University of Copenhagen, 5-7 July 2017

“Negotiating post-conflict justice under the shadow of international law”, Oxford Transitional Justice Research 10th Anniversary Workshop: Rethinking Transitional Justice: What Does It Mean Today?, 22 June 2017

“The law and practice of negotiated justice: A framework for post-conflict justice in eastern Ukraine?”, Joint Conference of ESIL, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and Ukrainian Association of International Law on Post-Conflict Justice in Ukraine, Kiev, 26-27 May 2017

“Inclusion in and exclusion from peace negotiations: Is there a role for international law?”, International Graduate Legal Research Conference, King’s College London, 4-5 April 2016


Other Presentations

“International law and process-related legitimacy in peace negotiations”, European University Institute International Law Working Group, 22 March 2017

“International law and the 2016 Colombia-FARC Peace Agreement”, Glasgow International Law Working Group, 31 October 2016

Additional Information

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