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Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court


Professor Robin Geiss

Anni is a German lawyer and since 1999 member of the Bar in Cologne, Germany. The bar additionally awarded her the title of "Fachanwältin für Strafrecht" (specialist lawyer for criminal law). For more than 11 years, she led an independent law practice jointly with a small team of highly specialized colleagues. Her work as a criminal defence and human rights lawyer covered a broad range of topics, e.g. terrorism, organized crime, transnational criminal cases, extradition cases and asylum claims. She successfully defended clients at various judicial levels including the European Court of Justice and has been admitted to the list of counsel of the International Criminal Court.

She holds law degrees from the Universities of Bonn and Glasgow. Currently she is focussing on her PhD in international criminal law, analysing the role of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court. In particular because of her practical expertise she has also strong research interests in European criminal law, human rights law and comparative aspects of law.

International criminal law
European, transnational and comparative criminal law
Human rights
International law


Pues, A. (2017, forthcoming) Towards the ‘Golden Hour’? A Critical Exploration of the Length of Preliminary Examinations, Journal of International Criminal Justice, Special Issue on ICC Policies & Strategies

Pues, A. (2015) A Victim's Right to a Fair Trial at the International Criminal Court? Reflections on Article 68(3) of the Rome Statute, 13 Journal of International Criminal Justice 951-972

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(Common legal Representation of Victims in Criminal Trials? A comparative study how to handle a special procedural situation; the paper got cited in recent High Court decisions in Germany.)

Pues, A. (2014) A Grey Zone under the Spotlight - Illegal GPS Tracking by Private Investigators, A Case Comment on German Federal Court of Justice 1 StR 32/13, 78 The Journal of Criminal Law 22-26

Pues, A. (2013) When Consent is not Enough: Gangs, Public Policy and Criminal Law in Germany, A Case Comment on German Federal Court of Justice 1 StR 585/12, 77 The Journal of Criminal Law, 296–298     

Pues, A. (2011) Das Vorabentscheidungsverfahren zum EuGH in der strafrechtlichen Praxis StrafRechtsReport, 140-142
(The Preliminary Reference to the ECJ in Criminal Law Practice)

Pues, A. and Co-signatories (2015) Open letter to the Peoples of Europe, EU Member States and their Representatives on the Justice and Home Affairs Council,

International Legal Scholars address Refugee Crisis, School of Law blog  legal-scholars-address-refugee-crisis/

Scottish Green Solidarity with the Kurds, (2014)

What's happening in Scotland? IntLawGrrls Blog (2014)


Invited conference papers, presentations, and talks

'Theorizing Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court' (2015) Presentation to the ICL Interest Group American Society of International Law, New York

'Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court – A theoretical enquiry' Postgraduate Research Seminar (2015), University of Glasgow

'The Concept of a Fair Trial at the International Criminal Court'

Guest Lecture (2014)  , Dundee International Law Society, University of Dundee

'Why Africa? Selectivity at the International Criminal Court'

Perspectives on Conflicts Conference (2014), University of Glasgow

'An Agenda for a Progressive Constitution: Poverty, Human Rights and the Social State', Conference on Human Rights in uncertain times (2014)
Glasgow Human Rights Network

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'Basic Principles in European Criminal Law’, EU-Criminal Law Conference (2011), Bonn (with Gless, S.)

Invitation by Member of Parliament to talk on 'EU and UN terror lists and the violation of constitutional and human rights', Aachen (2011)

Amnesty International Guest Lecture 'Frontex and The European Border Regime'
University of Bonn (2008)



I have taught at the University of Glasgow and the University of Dundee.

Public International Law, LLB
Foundations of International Criminal Law, LLB
International Law and Security, LLM
Transnational Criminal Law, LLM


University of Glasgow, College of Social Sciences Scholarship


2012, Bruno Simma Prize for International Law

2013, College of Social Sciences Scholarship