Improving family justice – Scottish Government funding

Improving family justice – Scottish Government funding

Two research projects into the family justice system have been awarded funding by the Scottish Government, with the aim of improving understanding of the barriers to children’s views being heard in family law cases.

Professor Jane Mair will lead on the project ‘Domestic Abuse and Child Contact – the interface between criminal and civil justice’, collaborating with Dr Richard Whitecross (Napier University) and Professor Michele Burman  (University of Glasgow’s Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research [SCCJR]).

The second project, ‘Children’s Participation in Family Actions: Probing compliance with children’s human rights’ is a collaborative project between Dr Fiona Morrison, University of Stirling;  Professor Kay Tisdall, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh; and Clan Childlaw.

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First published: 12 June 2018