Jury research - evidence review published

This week sees the publication of an evidence review by Professor James Chalmers and Professor Fiona Leverick into methods of conveying information to jurors.  The review, commissioned by the Scottish Government, is part of a wider project of jury research, to investigate how juries come to decisions.  The project also includes a major mock jury study and a second evidence review (undertaken by Professor Vanessa Munro of the University of Warwick) on the impact of pre-recorded evidence on juror decision-making.

Read the School of Law blog post : Can courts improve how they communicate with jurors in criminal trials? in which Professors Chalmers and Leverick discuss their findings to date.

Read the full report: Methods of Conveying Information to Jurors: An Evidence Review

There is also a Summary of Research Findings document available to view.

First published: 1 May 2018