About the group

This group brings together a wide range of academics and research students, all linked by shared interests in the interaction of law and policy, the process and practice of law reform and the contribution of academic research to both. 


PGR Members

  • Kate Alexander - 'The experience of fathers in immigration detention in the UK'
  • Michael Arthur - 'Land Reform and the Common Good'
  • Grant Barclay - 'Exploring the reactive defences of necessity and coercion in Scots law'
  • Henrietta Consolo - 'A critique of the gift concept in organ transplantation'
  • Gunilla Ekberg - 'International human rights law, prostitution and trafficking in human beings'
  • Kamila Feddek - 'Protection of the right to free movement of persons and social security in the European Union: law and practice'
  • Elaine Ferguson - 'An analysis of the Scots legal framework for the preventative detention of 'dangerous' offenders'
  • Rachel Ferguson - 'The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry and the criminalisation of adult-child relations from the 20th century'
  • Zhilong Guo - 'Decriminalization of Public order Crimes: A Comparative Analysis and Promoting Best Practice'
  • Ekin Horzum - 'How effective are the police, the prosecution, and the immigration service in Britain in implementing article 2(a) of the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children'
  • Rai Khan - The role of domestic and EU courts in assessing margin of appreciation available to member states in Article 8 of the ECHR perspective
  • Lewis Kennedy - 'Why have a law of treason in twenty-first century Scotland?'
  • Luke McBratney - 'A historical and critical account of offences against the course of justice' (LLM by Research)
  • Nina Miller Westoby - 'The emerging concept of carer in EU law: a socio-legal investigation'
  • Tarik Olcay - 'The limits of constitutional amendment' 
  • Peter Reid - 'A human rights based approach to Scots criminal justice: sexual offences and prosecutorial decision-making'
  • Corsino San Miguel - 'Towards a dogmatic solution for error of law in Scotland'
  • Nicole Sweeney
  • Halle Turner - 'The Party Litigant in the Scottish Civil Courts'
  • Nantina Tsekeri - 'The application of the best interest of the child principle in the refugee status determination process. The case of unaccompanied children claiming asylum in the UK and Greece'
  • Javier Valenzuela - 'No other method for dealing with offenders: A research of the uses of custody and CPOs sentences within the Glasgow's Sheriff and High Courts'