International law under pressure: navigating a shifting landscape

International law under pressure: navigating a shifting landscape

British International Studies Association International Law Working Group workshop and lecture

Monday 19 November 2018, University of Glasgow

International law and legal institutions are central to the post-Cold War rules-based international order. The multilateral arrangements underpinning this order are coming under visible stress, however, as state and non-state actors seek to challenge, reshape, and in some cases withdraw from international institutions and their associated global and regional regimes, including across economic, environmental, human rights/humanitarian, and security-related spheres.

This dynamic raises questions about the ability of governments and international institutions to navigate evolving collective policy challenges (e.g. climate change, financial regulation, terrorism, shifts in trade relationships, and shifting forms of warfare) in an increasingly unstable international political environment. 

Public Lecture

6.30pm, Senate Room, Main Building.

Sir Iain Macleod (Legal Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK) will give a keynote lecture entitled 'International Law under pressure'.  

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8.45am - 5.30pm, Senate Room, Main Building.

This one-day workshop will provide an opportunity to consider how (and whether) international law can be considered to be under pressure in different areas, the political, economic and social drivers involved, and the implications of these for the future of international law and governance.

Panel sessions:

  • Framing debate: the state of international law
  • Learning from history
  • Human rights under pressure
  • Trade and investment amid shifting sands?
  • International law and armed conflict
  • Adjudication and backlash
  • (Re)conceiving sovereignty

Roundtable: International Law Under Pressure

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