Launch of the Glasgow Law and Philosophy Network

The Network of Law and Philosophy brings together staff members from Law and Philosophy who share an interest in foundational questions about the law and are engaged in interdisciplinary research agendas that bring core areas of philosophical enquiry (metaphysics, language, epistemology) as well as practical (moral and political) philosophy to bear on the explanation of legal phenomena, the structure and methods of legal reasoning and the understanding of key legal concepts. Depending the understanding of the foundations of law and legal systems ultimately has a practical purpose for the members of the network: to grapple with the key legal and political challenges of our age and promote modes of governance that respect equality, freedom and the respect for diverse forms of human flourishing.

The Network organises an annual seminar series which is co-sponsored by Hart Publishing, The School of Law and The Subject Unit of Philosophy. It promotes joint co-supervision of PhD students by staff based in Law and Philosophy and regularly attracts research funding from prestigious research bodies.




First published: 6 December 2019