Earliest Indian students (1897 - 1916)

Merbai Ardesir Vakil  - Graduated in 1897 with a degree in Medicine.  She was the University of Glasgow's first female Indian graduate.

Radhaballabh Chanda - Graduated in 1952 with a PhD in Chemistry. Chairman of the Royal Society of Chemists (RSC) for the Eastern Zone of India.

Babu Satis Chandra Majumdar - Graduated in 1910 with a degree in Engineering.

Harish Chandra Mittal - Graduated with a BSc in 1917.

Devendra Nath Joshi - Graduated in 1914 with a BSc.

Prem Nath - Graduated in 1915 with a degree in Medicine.

Nirmal Singh Rihal - Graduated in 1955 with a degree in Medicine, before moving to Canada. Chief Epidemiologist for the Province of Manitoba.