What is CLASP?

The Corporate Law Advisory Project (CLASP) is a School of Law initiative created for our Diploma students. 

What does CLASP do?

The initiative supports student participants in providing advice to business start-ups created by other University of Glasgow students.  All meetings are overseen by a qualified practicing solicitor.  

Who benefits?

The business start-ups assisted by our students in previous years have done extremely well, winning awards and securing future funding.

Our Diploma students have gained valuable first-hand experience, working with clients and increasing their commercial awareness. 

Interested? Get in touch!

For further information, please contact the Diploma team at:  


'CLASP was one of the highlights of the Diploma. Taking part in second semester gave me the opportunity to apply much of what we had learned on the Diploma up to that point. My team provided a letter of advice to our client, covering a range of issues, from IP to food safety. By the end of the semester we had incorporated our client’s business. This experience has stood me in good stead as I look forward to starting my traineeship.'

~ Josh Hale (Diploma, 2017-18)