Summer School for Access to Higher Education

Summer School for Access to Higher Education

Our part-time Summer School is aimed at UK and EU students looking for a taste of university-style learning.

Successful completion can enable access to degrees in Environmental Science and Sustainability or Health & Social Policy at the Dumfries Campus.

Summer School is suitable for mature students but also a great introductory course for school or college-leavers.

Students who complete Summer School develop the confidence and academic skills to really excel at university. It offers a head start, preparing you for the challenges of higher education.

All applications are considered on an individual basis. 

There are no tuition fees. 

To apply you should complete the form below and complete a referee and monitoring form located on the right of the page 

I hereby apply for the Summer School 2018 at the University of Glasgow (Dumfries Campus) and I confirm that the information given in this form is correct. I understand that the University will withdraw my application if any aspect of my application is found to have been falsified. I hereby confirm that I understand that the University of Glasgow will accept no liability for my tuition fees or living expenses in the event of my admission.