Dr Santiago Correa

  • Research Associate (Honorary) (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)


Dr Santiago Corrêa is a family physician in the south of Brazil. He is founder of Estar ao Seu Lado - Cuidados Paliativos na Atenção Primária (we are by your side), a project which delivers palliative care in the community in Brazil. This project is one of the first examples of primary palliative care in Brazil.

Born in Porto Alegre, Santiago is a family physician with a Masters degree in Medical Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP).

Santiago is a member of the Technical Chamber of Palliative Care within the Federal Council of Medicine in Brazil. He is also Coordinator of the Work Group for Palliative Care with the Brazilian Society of Family Medicine and Community.

He is a member of the Glasgow End of Life Studies Group, and is actively engaged in doing research with members of the group.

Research interests

  • palliative care
  • primary care - family medicine
  • compassionate communities
  • public health models and strategies